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Eric recalls the early days when a large ad agency brought him in to assist on art direction. It wasn’t long before he received a tap on the shoulder from a horrified associate staring down the office hallway – a hallway decked with glistening footprints. His footprints. The paint was aquamarine. Eric doesn’t recall being asked back.    Since then, Eric Junker has made a habit of tracking paint everywhere the wind blows. His murals, around 50, can be encountered from Baja to Marfa. At home in Silverlake, every article of clothing is flecked in bold colors. His guiding mantra –...

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Tea-drinking school teaching Heidi Ware of West Hollywood scored this enamel mug designed by Eric Junker (that guy again?) in the Colorado mountain town of Crested Butte. Crested what? It’s pronounced ‘beaut’, as in beautiful, as in, that looks like a beautiful place to be drinking tea. "My go-to mug for camping or settling in for a three-hour Zoom call with 23 kindergarteners."  

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