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Back in Santa Barbara, we’re open to whatever winter has in mind, rain or shine. Branches keep us looking up; seasons keeps us moving forward. We always hope for the perfect winter, and for an olive tree in Coastal California’s warm-summer Mediterranean climate, that’s going to feel a bit cool and precipitous. Now is when we welcome the rain, which naturally nurtures the soil and makes it soft enough to plant new trees and complimentary crops... think lavender, rosemary and enough lemons to keep a stand juicing for days. Softer earth also allows us to cut trails around the orchard…...

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Floral designer Lizbeth Molina is extending an olive branch into the new year.  The secret to spiriting a landscape into an arrangement, Lizbeth says, is to begin at ground level and build up through its atmosphere. Consider ceramic, stone and metallic vases to be elemental starting points, not just glass afterthoughts. Of course, the hurdle for her Los Angeles floral studio Rawfinery – and designers everywhere – was that 2020 began something closer to rock bottom. Lizbeth recalls a California events conference early in the year when phones lit up in unison with news of the lockdown. The keynote speaker...

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