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$ 45

We have curated the perfect collection to help detox, boost immunity, and promote relaxation. Our Wellness Box includes Tend (rich in antioxidants and natural detoxifying benefits), Bloom (strengthens immune defense), and Repose (promotes rest and relaxation).

The box also includes 3 delicious dessert recipes that pair perfectly with each tea - because we all deserve to treat ourselves once in a while! 

What's inside the Wellness Box:

1 Box of Tend Tea + Blood Orange Almond Cake recipe card

Rich in detoxifying antioxidants Tend is a fruity, medium-bodied blend of the finest organic olive leaf, corn silk, and couch grass. The fruity undertones of Tend pair perfectly with a slice (or two) of our Blood Orange Almond Cake.

1 Box of Repose Tea + Chocolate Hazelnut Madeleines recipe card

Repose is a floral blend that is light-bodied and luxurious in smell, feel, and flavor. Each sachet of Repose encourages a peaceful moment in the afternoon or a soothing ritual for a restful night’s sleep. Whether offered as a dessert or an afternoon treat, the rose in Repose pairs heavenly with a delicately sweet and nutty Madeleine.

1 Box of Bloom Tea + Cranberry Gingersnap Tart recipe card

Bloom is a powerful blend that strengthens our immune defense and is perfect for soothing throats during cold and allergy season. Featuring our organic olive leaf, Bloom is paired with cooling peppermint, echinacea, and savory herbs. Bloom, with its herbs and cranberry, is the natural choice to serve alongside a slice of our sweet, tangy Cranberry Gingersnap Tart.

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