About the Olive Leaf — Organic Olive Leaf Tea Benefits

At Steep Echo, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our tea blends. We use organic olive leaves as the staple for all of our blends, providing a healthy base on which to add botanical ingredients. Since ancient Egyptian times, olive trees and olive leaves have been likened to heavenly power and used for their numerous health benefits. We have continued with this ethos, creating blends that replace ordinary tea with unique beverages that have extraordinary flavors and benefits.

Our olive trees are organically grown at our Bel Lavoro orchard and the olive leaves are carefully handharvested. What makes olive leaf tea more beneficial than drinking green or black tea is its compound called Oleuropein. It is rich in nutrients, is a powerful antioxidant, and has anti-inflammatory properties. These naturally boost your immune system so that each of our olive leaf tea blends enhance your health with every sip.

Not only that but, at Steep Echo, we add botanical ingredients to the olive leaf tea, creating different flavors and health benefits. Each natural ingredient is chosen for its taste and contribution to your wellbeing. Packed with goodness and full of flavor, we have a range of olive leaf tea blends for you to enjoy