Smooth and calming and packing the punch of an antioxidant heavyweight, the olive leaf and olive tree has served as a symbol of heavenly power since the days of the Ancient Egyptians. 

Used as a health remedy for centuries, its abundance of medicinal qualities is largely attributed to a compound called Oleuropein, found in both its leaves and fruit.

When carefully extracted, it takes only a small amount of this nutrient-rich ingredient to help fight infections and contribute to a robust immune system. A powerful antioxidant, the potency of Oleuropein is almost double that of green tea extract and four times higher than vitamin C. When combined with natural herbs, fruits and spices, olive leaf tea contains a wide variety of bioactive compounds that are beneficial for your overall health and wellness.

A great replacement for traditional green or black tea, olive leaf tea is 100% natural and caffeine free, and it has shown to not only help strengthen the cardiovascular system, but also stimulate the immune system and help to fight infections.

Brewed and steeped to your own taste, olive leaf tea provides a potent infusion of healthy benefits that make every cup worth sipping.