Steep Echo

Steep Echo is a collection of the finest all-natural olive leaf teas. Using timeless practices, we have crafted five uniquely sophisticated and delicious blends. Each tea combines natural immune-boosting ingredients with hand-harvested organic olive leaves to enhance healthy living.

Curated Blends


A symbol of heavenly power, the olive tree has long been regarded for its health benefits. Olive leaves contain the nutrient rich ingredient Oleuropein which promotes increased energy, cardiovascular health and a more robust immune system. The olive leaves used in our teas are hand-harvested from our certified organic orchard.

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At Bel Lavoro orchards, we love cooking up new recipes to highlight the flavor and the health benefits of our olive leaf tea. From tea-infused cocktails to refreshing sorbets, these recipes are as simple as they are delicious!

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Each of our teas bring together hand-harvested organic olive leaf with a collection of natural botanicals curated by the best artisans in the trade. The fusion of these ingredients thoughtfully presents a rare blend of detail, depth and nuance that elevates each flavor and accentuates the health benefits of the olive leaf.

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Your Hush and Tend teas were the perfect addition to our Mother’s Day tea party! The flavors of peppermint and citrus in Hush went with our banana bread muffins and my daughter enjoyed the sweet fruity flavor of Tend iced. 

Karen B.

I tried olive leaf tea for the health benefits, but it was the flavor that hooked me. I had no idea olive leaves could taste so delicate and delicious! Ascent is my favorite for daytime sipping, and Repose is my new favorite tea for unwinding in the evening. The boxes are so beautiful, too. I will be gifting Steep Echo teas to all of my family and friends!

Andrea B.

I tried all of the blends and my favorite was Ascent, made with vanilla, cinnamon, and monk fruit flavor (which provides some sweetness).