Flowing With The Forecast - New trails, happy trees.

Back in Santa Barbara, we’re open to whatever winter has in mind, rain or shine. Branches keep us looking up; seasons keeps us moving forward.

We always hope for the perfect winter, and for an olive tree in Coastal California’s warm-summer Mediterranean climate, that’s going to feel a bit cool and precipitous. Now is when we welcome the rain, which naturally nurtures the soil and makes it soft enough to plant new trees and complimentary crops... think lavender, rosemary and enough lemons to keep a stand juicing for days. Softer earth also allows us to cut trails around the orchard… with around 350 trees to check in on, it’s nice to have a direct line. 

A good dry spell means it’s time to break out the pruning shears and make the rounds! The trees welcome it; a nice trim opens their branches up to dance in the breeze and bask in the sun. Happy olive trees mean a healthier flowering, a fuller harvest and more olive oil to fuel picnic spreads during warmer times.

But what to do with all of these antioxidant-rich olive leaves? Well friend, that’s your cue to put a kettle on.