Centerpeace - DIY California coastline.

A 3-step arrangement featuring olive foliage, courtesy Los Angeles floral studio Rawfinery


Olive foliage… beloved for its antioxidants, but also its atmosphere. Invite this symbol of peace and prosperity to the living room with a 3-step guide by floral studio Rawfinery and its creative director Lizbeth Molina. We’ll let her take it from here!

Color Story: California Coastline

In floral design, we say it often - we want things to dance about, and olive branches are natural glitter. When wind moves through the trees, the leaves shake and shimmer in the sunlight from silver to deep green. To complement, I chose orange tulips to mimic the California Poppy, with a hint of pink tulips to mimic bougainvillea found all throughout southern California.   

Set the Table!

Flowers: Dried Berzillia, Orange Tulip, Olive Foliage, Pink Tulip

Materials: Floral Shears, ceramic vase, floral pin frog 


Step 1

Base out the arrangement with olive foliage. 

This will act as our “line flower/foliage", pay attention to the lines they create within the arrangement. This will dictate the growth and architecture of the arrangement.


Step 2

Insert your base flower. 

Base flowers are usually large and expansive florals/foliage that frame the rest of the flowers. I like to place base flowers as close to the vase as possible without getting too lost in the line foliage. 


Step 3

Insert your hero flowers, the tulips, following the lines created by your “line foliage”. 

Be sure to echo the curvatures found in the olive branches and pay attention to the lengths of your flowers. In nature, flowers don’t all grow at the same height, so place at varying height to mimic true natural growth. 




Rawfinery Florals is led by Head Floral Artist and Designer, Lizbeth Molina, who is inspired by the connection she feels with nature, its cycle and harmony. Her desire is to provide her clients with an experience that helps them feel connected to the natural environment of their choice. Lizbeth is a multidisciplinary floral artist with years of experience in high profile events, editorial publications and specialty brands.


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